Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a little ditty to bring me back into the blogging game

or Yes, my students really do say my name before ever. single. thing. they say

So, my lovely friend Sally recently posted in her blog that her friend's blog is one of her favorites. That being said, I need to get on the ball to regain my spot on her list... take that friend! ha (Just kidding, Sal, I'm sure your friend is lovely.)

Anyway, since we've established in my previous blogs that I'm an awful blogger who doesn't deserve a URL, I'll skip over that topic today. Instead, we shall discuss funny things my kids have told me in class... usually when we're talking about something else... because, as Bill Cosby so eloquently pointed out, kids do, in fact, say the darndest things.

Situation #1:
Child: Ms. Gibson?
Me: Does this have anything to do with Charlotte's Web?
Child: No- I just wanted to ask you if you're rich?
Me: We're not talking about that right now, but no, I'm not. Why?
Child: Because, you're always wearing so much BLING!

Situation #2:
I'm standing across the parking lot from one of our kindergarteners and his mom.
Child: MS. GIBSON!
Me: Hi, (insert child's name)!
Child: I didn't know you *dwove a wace cah! (*drove a race car)

Situation #3:
Child: Ms. Gibson, where do you live?
Me: In Winnie.
Child: You live with your parents!?
Me: No- I live by myself.
Child: I was about to say, you're too old to live with your parents. You live by yourself, though!?
Me: Well, yeah. Who else would I live with?
Child: You don't even have a boyfriend???
Me: No, and even if I did I wouldn't live with him.
Child: That's weird, Ms. Gibson.

Ok, that's enough for now. Don't want to give you too much too soon.

Have a super day in cyber space, my friends. And don't look for me to be online this weekend, as my stupid *&*%%$#%$&*& wireless internet hasn't worked in a week. Blast you, Windstream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Posting someone else's blog as my own...

but, not really, because I wrote it.

In lieu of my own original blog post, I will be posting my own "guest blog" from my dear, wonderful friend SALLY MITZNER's blog.

Enjoy! :)