Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blowing the dust off my blog.

Greetings! Welcome back to my blog!

I've decided that, regarding this whole blog thing, I'm putting way too much thought into the whole process. Who says that a blog has to be about exciting adventures, or that it even has to contain incredible insight? I never said that, so here we go...

So many things to say, and not enough space in which to say (type?) them..... or, is it so much space in which to type, but nothing of substance to say? I'm thinking the latter. Staying true to the "blog about nothing" theme I mentioned in a previous post, this blog will discuss the following: Snuggies, Octo-Mom, and Jen Lancaster. If you feel any real attachment to backward robes or single mothers of 14 children, then maybe don't proceed. I'd hate to offend my faithful readers. (P.S.- Can you tell I was a Ready Writer in my younger days? Clearly lining out the paragraph topics in my opening paragraph. Thank you, University Interscholastic League for giving me the ability to effectively organize a blog.)

Topic 1: The Snuggie
First off, let us discuss the commercial. We begin this riveting minute or so of ridiculousness with a woman literally struggling to cover herself with a blanket. I have one important thing to say about this little scene: Get a bigger blanket. Clearly she is using a blanket created to cover an infant. This could, perhaps, be why she cannot get it to stay on, or to cover her adult size body. Also, an infinite number of generations of men, women, and children have been using blankets throughout history. Have you ever once heard a complaint about how ineffective they are? Their sole purpose is to keep us warm. Mission accomplished! If my arms are still freezing whilst the rest of my body is warmly covered by my blanket, I will either put on a sweatshirt or TURN OFF THE AIR CONDITIONER. On another note, I do know several people who have invested in this backward robe, and it does make for some hilarious photos and discussions. Kudos to you, Snuggie, for being the life of every slumber party!

Topic 2: Octo-Mom
Where do I even begin? Clearly this woman is not mentally stable. What single woman, in her right mind, would WANT to give birth to a litter of children... much less 14 children she cannot support because she DOESN'T HAVE ANY SOURCE OF INCOME!?!? AND, what DOCTOR can, in good conscience, allow this catastrophe to happen in the first place!? What is wrong with people!? Phew, now that that's off my chest... It was recently brought to my attention that the "father"/possible donor of these 8 little swimmers is now stepping up to claim responsiblity (publicity?) for his donation. Maybe I'm heartless, but I think that, if I were him, I would probably try to stay under the radar on this one. You might just be dodging a bullet having her say that you're not the dad. Let her wallow in her own crazy, and you just maybe don't make any more "donations"... for the sake of our future generations. I leave you with this: Where is CPS???

Topic 3: Jen Lancaster (
I don't have much to say regarding this topic, except that she is AWESOME... and hilarious. And that I'm pretty sure we're destined to be BFF... if I could only meet her. And that I'm super excited that my friend Julie said that she pictures Jen Lancaster as being a lot like me. That being said, google her for many laughs. (Sorry for the excessive usage of "said", or any variation of the word... also sorry for starting 2 sentences with "And". I know you're not supposed to, but sometimes it just works so well.)

Welp, CyberSpace, this is all for now. I will cheese this blog up a bit and leave you with a quote that I feel describes one reason why my parents are, in a word, AWESOME, and which will give you a little insight as to why I must have done something really incredible in a previous life to have been born into my family. Take it away Kate Winslet:

“Mum and dad were very much friends, and up to life. There was no anxiety for anything when I was growing up. They just taught me to be me."