Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a little ditty to bring me back into the blogging game

or Yes, my students really do say my name before ever. single. thing. they say

So, my lovely friend Sally recently posted in her blog that her friend's blog is one of her favorites. That being said, I need to get on the ball to regain my spot on her list... take that friend! ha (Just kidding, Sal, I'm sure your friend is lovely.)

Anyway, since we've established in my previous blogs that I'm an awful blogger who doesn't deserve a URL, I'll skip over that topic today. Instead, we shall discuss funny things my kids have told me in class... usually when we're talking about something else... because, as Bill Cosby so eloquently pointed out, kids do, in fact, say the darndest things.

Situation #1:
Child: Ms. Gibson?
Me: Does this have anything to do with Charlotte's Web?
Child: No- I just wanted to ask you if you're rich?
Me: We're not talking about that right now, but no, I'm not. Why?
Child: Because, you're always wearing so much BLING!

Situation #2:
I'm standing across the parking lot from one of our kindergarteners and his mom.
Child: MS. GIBSON!
Me: Hi, (insert child's name)!
Child: I didn't know you *dwove a wace cah! (*drove a race car)

Situation #3:
Child: Ms. Gibson, where do you live?
Me: In Winnie.
Child: You live with your parents!?
Me: No- I live by myself.
Child: I was about to say, you're too old to live with your parents. You live by yourself, though!?
Me: Well, yeah. Who else would I live with?
Child: You don't even have a boyfriend???
Me: No, and even if I did I wouldn't live with him.
Child: That's weird, Ms. Gibson.

Ok, that's enough for now. Don't want to give you too much too soon.

Have a super day in cyber space, my friends. And don't look for me to be online this weekend, as my stupid *&*%%$#%$&*& wireless internet hasn't worked in a week. Blast you, Windstream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Posting someone else's blog as my own...

but, not really, because I wrote it.

In lieu of my own original blog post, I will be posting my own "guest blog" from my dear, wonderful friend SALLY MITZNER's blog.

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why my job is better than yours

...or, 10 reasons you should be jealous of me.

Let me begin my post by saying how much I really and sincerely love my job. I adore my students, even when I kinda don't... I get to "put on a show" every day while trying to make multiplication/TAKS Test prep/Complete Subjects and Predicates fun... Kids really do, as Cosby says, say the darnedest things... I get the satisfaction of, on sporatic occasions, seeing the proverbial light bulb go off in a student who just couldn't seem to "get it"...

That being said,

MY SPRING BREAK BEGINS AT 12:27 P.M. TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of this joyous, joyous occasion, I have compiled a list of things I may do while all of my dear, sweet, non-teacher friends are sitting in their offices/cubes... Here, friends, is something for you to read during your lunch break:

1. Sleep late. Ride my bike around Winnie while narrowly avoiding large (and small) dogs; because, unlike in Austin, people in the country like to let their animals roam free and without collars.

2. Sleep late. Finish the 4 books I've started this school year but have yet to finish due to my extreme ADD when it comes to reading... unless, of course, it's Twilight or Jen Lancaster, in which case I will close myself up in my room and read and read until I'm finished.

3. Sleep late. Meet my parents/friends for lunch and talk about what the "other people" are doing... or make fun of my non-teacher friends/family who have to go back to work after our lunch-o-fun. (I promise to at least change out of my pajamas/sweats so as not to rub it in too much.... but I may tell you that I just changed so that I may rub it in a little...)

4. Sleep late. Art. Because I need to and I rarely have time after school. And because I need to make that dolla-dolla bill off of all this stuff I've had framed but haven't shown to anyone.

5. Sleep late. Go to museums and mingle with the other teachers who are bringing their own children, or with the desperate housewives who are trying to figure out what to do with their kids now that they, too, are on spring break.

6. Sleep late. Go to the beach. I figure I live pretty close to it, and drive almost all the way down there for work every day anyway, so I might as well. Plus, I've had a little bit of a hankering to go for a while.

7. Sleep late. Clean out my downstairs storage closet. No, it doesn't sound fun... but it needs to be done. (This should make you feel better, office friends. Be glad you're not cleaning out a storage closet right now...)

8. Sleep late. Take a nap. You know, because spring break is exhausting...

9. Sleep late. Play tennis with Whitney. Because I figure that, since she is the most awesome Tennis Pro to ever live, and since she's practically Venus Williams, I should probably take advantage and brush up on my skills.

10. Sleep late. Watch daytime television. Because I wonder what the ladies of The View are up to these days...

There you have it, folks-- ten things I will be doing next week while you're at work. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your week, because I know I will be enjoying mine.... sleeping late.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My brain is too tired for a witty title...

So, since it has been eversolong since my last post, I have decided to take the bull by the horns and blog it up a bit while I do my best job fighting sleep (I've really become quite good at it). In lieu of a super long blog describing every detail of the past month(s) of my life, I have decided to once again go the "list" route. So, here you go:

1. Sarah, Whitney, Melissa and I have recently taken up cake decorating. If you interpret "cake decorating" as meaning that we paid for a class at Hobby Lobby, went twice, and decided we already knew enough to open our own bakery. Below is a picture of the cakes we decorated for the East Chambers FCA bake sale benefiting Haiti.

And now you all understand why we believe we don't even need classes anymore...

2. Keeping with the tradition of the majority of the other posts on my blog, I will not leave out mention of Twilight. While I know it was a few months ago, the New Moon premier did come and go without mention on my blog. So, albeit late, here are my kudos to New Moon.

Yes, we are all in our mid-late twenties. Yes, we are aware that the movie is about high schoolers. Yes, that is a question mark after "Team Jacob" on Sarah's shirt. Yes, we feel like our obsession is justified by the fact that Robert Pattinson is close to our age and not 17 (or 100something) years old like the incredibly dreamy vampire he plays in the movies. Yes, we will be making shirts for the Eclipse premier this summer.

3. Speaking of obsession, another one of mine is I'm not sure why I find this website so funny, aside from the fact that I always find inappropriate things hilarious, but I find myself checking it every day, without fail, and laughing out loud. It is for this reason that I only allow myself to check it at home so that I may avoid the embarrassment of having random people witness me laughing alone at my computer.

4. My beautiful bundle of furry orange joy is still just as rambunctious and fiery as ever! He recently took a liking to the Jersey Shore when he realized that their Affliction tees would wear nicely with his name emblazoned across his collar in rhinestones. (Yes, his name really is on his collar in rhinestones... as if a cat named Basquiat could wear anything different) Now that he has finally identified with his guido brotheren, I swear I see him fist-pumping every night out of the corner of my eye.... saying something along the lines of "the beat hits you, and then you have to hit it back...".
"I had a late night of fist-pumping, Mom. Time for GTL: Gym Tan Laundry."

5. I had the dubious honor of designing the Gibson Family Christmas Card this year. While my dad has complained every day since about the "extra lines" on his face, I think it turned out pretty good:
On that note, my computer battery is about to die and I don't feel like going all the way downstairs to get the charger. It is my hope that this blog has fed your Leighville hunger for the time being and, as always, I do have good intentions of making my posts more frequent... but my good intentions as far as blogs are concerned obviously hold no weight, so do with that what you will.